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I always thought I had a connection with 'b' ~ I like the sound, the shape, where & when it occurs, I hunted it down to assert the belief ... but after a recent period of enforced reflection I realise I may well have a greater affinity with 'a'. 

Not a surprise, being such a commonly occurring letter.  But, as well as favouring me in the game of Red Letters, 'a' features in the names of significant people & every company I've ever worked for (pubs & clubs aside), it leads the way in the addresses of homes that have kept me safe & in subjects of special interests.

One of the most significant of these is autism which arrived announced into our family 28 months prior to launching this blog.  Attempting to make itself known to us for years, in ever more pronounced ways, autism eventually ambushed our lives one memorable May day in 2014.  Out of necessity I acquired an awareness & understanding of autism, a condition previously alien to me, I thought.  It's fascinating, awe inspiring & challenging.  I've met, or recognised, new levels of bravery, courage, anxiety, anger, ambition ... the list goes on.  I've learned a great deal but I'm hungry to learn more & I'm passionate about broadening understanding & acceptance in others.

An Affinity with A will help, I hope.

As will my own diagnosis.

Almost inevitable, but revealing I knew ... I know ... more about autism than I realised, I received my diagnosis at The Lorna Wing Centre for Autism in September 2017.  I'm reluctant to reveal at what age but will describe it as the very early part of the second half century of my life ~ which I hope will be long because with diagnosis comes a feeling of, & a need for, new beginnings ... for living a life meant for the autistic me rather than someone else's idea of me.

This all said: we are ~ I am ~ more than all about the 'a' word alone.  Other 'a' words contribute to my being & politely ask for attention, hence An Affinity with A.

This blog will allow me to indulge in all the 'a' words that are important to me, to collate & share in one place relevant &, I hope, interesting content.  And I'll flirt with 'b', maybe even 'c' & 'd' on occasion, as an aside.  I hope my posts will appeal to any likeminded visitor ambling by.

Please do take the time to let me know.  

Feel free to contribute & share, acknowledging any original content please (as I will always aim to credit others' content referenced here).   

Fair's fair & credit where credit's due.

I'm Sara (Sarah without the 'h').  Muddling Autistic Ma to our #autismrich family.  Sucking @ Social (a pun my pun-loving angel fish would be most proud of).

And why autism rich?  
I wanted to acknowledge a number of autistic family members (including myself) without specifying who is or isn't autistic.  I'm conscious that all my children should own how they present themselves to the wider world so I hope this term succinctly hints at multiples within our family & reasonable lived experiences, as well a conveying a pride in our differences & strengths, promoting a general attitude of positivity that I hope non-autistics especially will register.

I genuinely believe our neuro-divergence enriches.  
But for us & others to benefit fully from those riches we need environments ~ societies ~ that better recognise & value our differences, that enable more than they disable us, & this is where a seismic shift is needed. 

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  1. Hi there, I've only just found your Christmas card with the name of your blog so here I am, come to follow, sympathise, empathise, learn and perhaps sometimes to share. Who would have thought, back in the day, we would both be where we are now but we are strong and coping and, in our own ways, campaigning for a better understanding of how the ones we love operate in a world that often seems alien to them and supporting their courage, diversity and right to be appreciated for who they are. I'm reading through your posts - I didn't realise you had already written so many - and just wanted to say what a great job you are doing. I'm looking forward to keeping up with your posts now that I've found you.

    1. Hi! 'Thank you' seems an inadequate response to the comment you've left but you've said it all :) Thank you so much for the encouragement - it's very much appreciated. I've been a bit 'quiet' on here just lately - some new pursuits I'm trying out absorbing some time - but I've found I've really missed adding to this space, so will definitely continue. Really lovely to hear from you here ... onwards together!


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